Celebrate good times today as my first clock kit arrived. It’s a design by David Atkinson from Woodentimes. I opted for a kit with hardware included so that I can jump right in without having to invest in all the tools I would need had I started with just the plans.

I was not disappointed to see his instructions are very thorough and his hardware of excellent quality. For someone looking to test the waters, I would recommend this kit without any hesitation. You even get surprise gummy bears!


Solid box and well taped


Bubble wrapped inside


I was concerned there might be some damage to the delicate wood but all was well.


CNC cut. Reminds me of the Tamiya car models I used to build as a kid.


All the small bits and pieces.


The manual. Surprisingly also very well produced.


Thanks David :-)


Thorough instructions are included along with videos on his website.


Gummy bears! A very cute touch. There were two packs. I've eaten one and the other I will open when the clock is complete. :-)

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Marvellously informative video. Good job you showed me how to open a box and peel back the bubble-wrap. My Mum would have had to do it if you hadn’t shown me how. Gummi bears?? Are you having a laugh??

by Jay on 23 Jul 13 at 00:44

Also – a ticking all wood clock?? Except for the brass shafts; the brass couplings; brass chassis spacers; brass pendulum weights; and a lump of lead to make it work. Oh and the carbon fibre pendulum rods.

by Jay on 23 Jul 13 at 00:49

Thank you Jay for your inspiring and encouraging words. People like yourself make the internet the lovely place that it is.

I can’t begin to understand why you would take the time to be so negative but that is your prerogative. However, since you took the time to reply I thought I would do the same.

I believe you read my site tagline where I stated ‘all wood clock’. My intention was to say wooden geared clock. I changed the tagline so it doesn’t offend you.

The Quintus was a ‘toe dip’ in the water. I didn’t have a proper workshop at the time and the quickest way to see if I wanted to invest time in building a clock from scratch was to buy a kit. I hope this is OK with you.

Since then I have gotten engaged and purchased a house so I’ve been a touch too busy to spend time on my hobby. If you’ve seen my recent posts you’ll note that I’m working on building a workshop at the moment. As soon as that is complete I will have the time (family permitting) to start on my all wooden geared clocks.

Despite your immature comments, I hope you come back one day and play nice. All the best with your interests in wood and life in general.

by George on 23 Jul 13 at 09:57

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